Silverhill Institute of Environmental Research and Conservation

How to Apply


The Silverhill Institute grants are available for graduate students to provide assistance in carrying out applied research projects. The intent is to provide funding for applied research projects with a Canadian or North American focus being carried out at the Masters level. The amount of the major grant is $2,500 and the first award was made in May 2005; smaller awards of $500 are also available.

Grant Summary

All applicants are to provide a summary of the proposed research along with the timeframe and workplan that will be undertaken. The projects that are eligible must be applied and contribute to overall environmental protection and improvement. Projects must have the potential to lead to improvement of environmental conditions in the near or immediate term.

The application must provide basic background on the information on the applicant along with the outline of the project. The applications will be reviewed by a panel of at least 3 applied academic researchers or professional consultants.

The grant is only available to students registered in a Masters program.

Grant Guidelines

A grant of $2,500 will be made to 1 or more graduate students in Canada for topics that:

  1. Have an applied environmental or conservation focus
  2. Have potential to contribute to community benefit

Projects must have a Canadian or North American focus.

The grant(s) will be awarded by early May, and successful candidates will be informed in writing. The successful candidates and their topics will be posted on the website.

The grant will be paid out as follows:

  1. $1,500 upon selection
  2. $1,000 upon receipt of a copy of the finished thesis/product

Research projects that do not receive a grant will also be considered for minor research assistance awards of $500.

How To Apply

Download the grant application form in PDF or WORD format and return the completed form by the due date (February 28, 2013) to:

Silverhill Institute for Environmental Research and Conservation c/o DPRA
60 Adelaide Street East, Suite 501
Toronto, CANADA ON M5C 3E4
Attn: Dr. Peter Homenuck, RPP

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I send in my application by e-mail?

    No. All applications must go to:
    Silverhill Institute for Environmental Research and Conservation c/o DPRA
    60 Adelaide Street East, Suite 501
    Toronto, CANADA ON M5C 3E4
    Attn: Dr. Peter Homenuck, RPP

    Please note: Applications must come by Canada Post or courier or be hand delivered.

  2. Do my references need to submit letters?

    No. You do not submit reference letters, only the contact information for your references.

  3. My research does not have an applied focus but does have relevance to increasing knowledge - may I still apply?

    All applications are reviewed for the extent to which the research has a relative, immediate benefit to society or a specific community. The more obvious the direct and applied aspects of the research, the greater the potential to be considered for an award.

  4. If I have extenuating circumstances, can I submit an application a day late?

    No. To be considered, all applications must be received by the stated deadline.

  5. Do I have to use the application template as on the website?

    You do not have to use the specific template (if you have a reasonable facsimile). You must provide all the required information and keep to the word limit.

  6. I will be graduating in 6 months. Can I still apply for an award?

    The awards are intended to assist students who have at least 1 more full year of graduate work ahead of them, but those with at least 6 months more of graduate work will be given consideration.

  7. Do I need to submit a transcript?

    No. Transcripts are not required.

  8. I am enrolled in a PhD program. Am I eligible?

    No. As of the 2011 grants program, only students in a Masters program are eligible.