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Stop And Think

The 'stop and think' reports and factsheets are written by Silverhill Interns to provide information on relevant issues and to spur debate. The result is a spectrum of topics varying from wetland conservation to urban planning. Please feel free to send us an email if there is a topic that you want us to discuss!

5 Things You Didnít Know About Backyard Chickens

Have you considered getting a chicken for your backyard? This document provides some facts on the issue and things to consider before deciding to raise your own chickens!

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Drying Your Hands in a Public Restroom: What You Need to Know!

Whether at a restaurant, movie theatre, or enjoying a day at the beach, an individual is left with limited options when nature calls to make the unavoidable trip to the public restroom. To best navigate the public restroom experience, in the most hygienic of ways, this report will inform you of what you need to know.

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The Urban Heat Island; The Melting Skyscrapers

Have you ever noticed the seemingly odd temperature change that occurs when you travel from the core of a city to the suburbs or a rural area? The "urban heat island" phenomenon is perhaps the best scientific explanation of why the microclimate of city's downtown core is a world away from the microclimate of suburbs.

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Natural Methods of Stormwater Management

The management of stormwater is a common challenge that many communities face; increased risk of floods, potential drainage of natural irrigation flows, and intensified soil erosion are just some of the problems that are now magnified with large-scale development and climate change. However, planners and engineers can utilize different methods of stormwater management. This report discusses natural methods of management of stormwater to provide a mix of creative options for planners.

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